Senita Valley’s Technology includes:

Technology at Senita Valley Elementary provides innovative ways to reach and teach students. Teachers stimulate student learning and prepare them for the future with the varied technology we have available to us at Senita Valley.

Teachers are fortunate to have access to the Vail School District’s Beyond Textbooks, a web-based sharing tool that provides us with access to digital materials, cataloged to specific standards. Formative assessments, standards based rubrics, and unwrapped documents are housed here. A plethora of lesson plans, intervention ideas, Problem Based Learning Projects, extension ideas, DMS, and keynote presentations are available for use in lesson planning.

Our Site Technology Coordinator (STC) provides training on Google Drive, Google Docs, iPads, and PowerSchool. The STC is important to the operation of technology. If teachers experience a problem with the use of technology, the STC is immediately available to troubleshoot problems so that teaching can continue with minimal or no disruption.

The PTSA has purchased several sets of ChromeBook laptops with a mobile cart. They also purchased an iPad for each class that can be linked through our network and projected. Every classroom is equipped with an Apple TV. This allows teachers to share documents, project student presentations, and view educational materials and applications. When the Apple TV is synced with the iPad, teachers can use it as an interactive whiteboard. This interactive tool keeps teachers mobile during lesson presentation.

9 mobile computer labs (laptops on a wheeled cart) are available for classroom use. Some examples are student created presentations, research for assigned reports, and skill practice through math and language arts websites.

Each classroom is equipped with an audio-enhancement system. Teachers wear a microphone and the class is equipped with a handheld microphone. Student engagement increases with the use of a hand held microphone by students.

Our thrice weekly morning broadcast is run from a computer through our server and broadcast live into classrooms. Students on the Broadcast Team practice computer skills by monitoring the live broadcast for glitches, mixing live shots with recorded video, and using the camera and the camera software to shoot the broadcast.

We use technology to support student learning. One of our students who needs additional support with writing, was provided with a word processor called Fusion. The student increased his writing score from a score of 7 out of 36 possible points to 18 points. His score for the trait of Ideas increased from a 1 out of 6 to a 4 out of 6, a passing score on AIMS writing. The Fusion assisted him to clearly communicate his main idea and supporting details for the writing assessment.

Common areas between the classrooms (pods) function as an additional classroom that facilitates small group instruction. They are a haven for parent volunteers, tutors, special needs; such as speech, inclusion, resource, and behavioral specialists. Storage of leveled-readers, mini science experiments, textbooks, and computers within the pods allow for easy access without disturbing the classroom.

Our school has over 200 computers throughout the school on a network serviced by an OS X server.  A variety of software is also available on these computers to give students the tools they need to be successful technology users.

Available Services:

  • Online Grade Access – Parents may check their child’s grades online at  A letter is sent home with students’ first quarter progress reports with log-on, password, and instructions.  If you have any questions, or have trouble logging on, please call Robert Dautrich at 879-3107.
  • ipads – Each classroom teacher has an ipad to utilize in their classroom for student engagement and to enhance lesson plans.
  • 9 Mobile Computer Labs – ibook laptops and Chromebooks on 5 separate carts for teachers to utilize in their classrooms.
  • KSVE Morning Broadcast  – This is our student-staffed closed circuit television system that is used to produce and air live announcements three days a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  2nd- 5th grade students audition for the Broadcast Team at the beginning of the year and learn the skills needed to present school-wide live television broadcasts.
  • To prepare Senita Valley students to excel in 21st century skills requires excellent teachers, quality instruction, the necessary technical equipment, and the support of the community. We have projectors, audio enhancement systems, classroom responders, and screens in every Senita Valley classroom.

Senita Valley’s Acceptable Use Policy:

  1. Students are to use computer workstations and internet access for academic purposes only. Any usage of student accounts, computers, or internet access that is not academically oriented may result in the loss of computer and account privileges and/or be subject to further disciplinary or legal action.
  2. Students will safeguard their password and not disclose personal information on the Internet.
  3. All content created and downloaded must be appropriate for school use by the standards of the Senita Valley administration. Students have no reasonable expectation of privacy with regard to their account or computer usage. The school reserves the right to monitor all computer and internet activity by students.
  4. Students may not load any software on their computer or in their account without express permission from the Technology Department.
  5. Students will observe copyright laws and respect the work and ownership rights of students, staff, and others outside of the school.
  6. Students must receive permission from a staff member prior to printing graphics or photographs.
  7. Staff members are permitted incidental personal use of school computers and accounts as long as the usage does not impair the usage of others or interfere with the employee’s assigned duties.
  8. Usage of a computer account indicates acceptance of these policies by students, their parents, and staff members.