Safe School Resources

Safe & Positive School Environment Mission Statement

In the interest of student safety and a productive learning environment, a committee comprised of teachers, support staff, parents and community members developed a systematic method for clear reporting procedures and consequences with a comprehensive, consistent and uniform character education/anti-bully program.

Kindness Wheel- Problem solving with kindness

When students experience a problem or see another student experiencing a problem behavior they should stop, take a walk to the problem solving wheel and then talk to an adult.

Stop: Stop what you are doing

WheelWalk: Take a deep breath and count to 3 and/or review the problem solving wheel

Talk: Tell an adult

Behavior/Discipline Matrix

Students are held accountable for their actions using the following behavior/discipline matrix.  The matrix was developed by the Safe & Protective School Environment Committee that met in March, 2011. Students will be introduced to this matrix on Monday, April 4th, 2011.

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 SVE Behav-Discipl Matrix1SVE Behav-Discipl Matrix2
Incident Report (k-2)Incident Report (3-5)
Referral Form 1-2 Sheet