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Compass: Adventures in Tech, Math, Social Studies & Science!

Welcome to an energized hands-on approach to elementary education. When students at each grade level visit our library and check out books, they will also explore high interest academic lessons that make real-life connections to a vibrant social studies curriculum.

Every class in the school (grades 1-5) attends Compass every 4 days for 45 minutes (kindergarten classes visit on half days). The first ten minutes of Compass allows for students to return and check out books. The remaining time is spent in the Compass centers. When a new unit is introduced, the first week or two is spent in whole group instruction, introducing the key concepts, a brief history of what is to be explored, and a video or keynote is shared to get students enthusiastic about the learning to come. The next week is spent reviewing procedures and expectations for all centers. Task cards are used at each center to guide students to completion of the center. Then, for the next four weeks, students rotate through the four centers.

Our Compass program strives for 100% ative student participation at all times. Enrichment teachers emphasize higher order thinking skills like application, synthesis, and evaluation, as they design and implement rigorous student learning centers. These centers introduce and reinforce important learning in technology, math, social studies and science.  Teachers divide their class into four “number groups”: 1-4 and rotate through  these four centers.

Compass Teacher
Ms. Amanda Hunt
Phone: 879-3132

Library Paraprofessional

Mrs. Lorelle Leonard
Phone: 879-3108