Senita Valley’s attendance boundaries are mostly in a walking zone. Those who are eligible to ride the bus can see the 2019-2020 bus stops below using Infofinder. Bus routes won’t be undated until July 1, 2019.

All kindergarten parents must sign a “Must be met policy”, if their child will ride the bus. See the front office for the policy form.

All students will be assigned to a route based on their home address. There are few exceptions to this policy and you must contact the Transportation Department to check for eligibility and request an exception to the home address stipulation.  Examples would be Davis Monthan Air Force Base or split households.  NO ARRANGEMENTS FROM PRIOR YEARS WILL “ROLL OVER” TO NEXT YEAR. For safety and security reasons, all students must ride and be accounted for, on their assigned routes. Please contact the following if you have any further questions.

  • Mary St. John                              879-2056
  • Leslie Incontrera                         879-2479
  • John Mros                                   879-2432
  • Transportation Dispatch              879-2490

Click here for a Question & Answer Flyer

Our District utilizes a transportation management system called Infofinder le. Infofinder le is a Web-based (Intranet) product that reads data in real-time.Parents throughout the district can search for their child’s bus route information by inputing their address.

Open your Internet browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, FireFox) and go to the following site:

  1. http://www.infofinderi.com/tfi/address.aspx?cid=VSD3SXF9HL8E
  2. Type in your street address
  3. Choose Senita Valley Elementary
  4. Click Search
  5. Then click on the address found to view specific stop times and locations.