About SVE

IMG_1500Senita Elementary School opened on July 14, 2008.  We have many exciting programs, both academic and extra-curricular, for our students.  The culture and history of our school is being formed each day.  Our students practice the Vail ACT Statement, as well as Leader in Me values (be proactive, begin with the end in mind, put first things first, think win-win, seek first to understand, synergize and sharpen the saw). This emphasis encourages each student to be a person of upstanding character. At Senita Valley, we are committed to providing an excelling academic program and a nurturing environment for every child.

School Mission Statement

To create and embrace an academic environment where learning is exciting, social responsibility is the norm, and friends and partnerships are nurtured for life.

We strive for high student achievement, through excellence in instruction, with the support of an actively involved community.

School Moto

“Valley of Exploration, Village of Achievement.”

School Colors

Blue and Green

School Mascot

Our school mascot, the Mustang, is a symbol of confidence, strength, and limitless possibilities. This is what we envision for our students. Giving them opportunities to explore, express, and exchange ideas builds their confidence, increases their strength of mind, and sets the foundation for future success.


School Vision Statement

Our vision statement provides guidance and inspiration each day. High achievement is attained through explicit instruction and exploration, where students are able to discover answers to their questions, find meaning in assignments, and master academic concepts. Our high quality staff provides excellent instruction on a daily basis. Teachers and support staff receive continuous support through in-services, collaborative planning time, and coaching.

School Organization and Culture

The Vail School District’s ACT Statement is recited by every student each day. In the Vail Schools, we ACT: Are Respectful and Trustworthy, Care About Each other, and Take Responsibility. We ACT! By reciting this statement, along with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Declaration of Independence, students learn the value of this pledge and how it drives everything we say and do at Senita Valley. Our ACT statement is our identity; teachers use it as a tool for classroom management, and students use it as a guide for solving conflict.

Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

Our high scores on district and state wide assessments can be attributed to our structure to ensure all students learn and master Arizona’s College and Career Readiness Standards. Calendared curriculum maps allow for standards to be taught consistently across all grade levels. Assessments, both formal and informal, are given weekly and quarterly. Students are given the opportunity to have additional time, if needed, to master a standard, while those who are already at mastery are given an extension of their learning through Enrichment.

Parent and Community Involvement

Community members and parents have rallied around our staff and students from day one. Make a Difference Day is an annual event where community members come together  to beautify the campus. Parents volunteer to help in the classrooms and have made a huge impact on our school community with their involvement in the PTSA. Since the school’s opening, parent volunteers have logged over 33,000 hours of their own time, which is the perfect example for our own students to follow. Our goal is for students to be actively involved in the community and look for opportunities to be of service to others. Students have conducted canned food drives, collected jeans for teens and stuffed animals for sick children, conducted fundraisers for families in need, and participated in shoe drives to donate to the homeless. We are working hard to help grow future leaders.

Indicators of Success

Senita Valley consistently leads our district with high scores on assessments.  Our teachers are often asked to host visitors from other schools to view our campus structure, culture, and best instructional strategies. Visitors eagerly attend our data team meetings and Reteach/Enrich lessons which enable them to take away the foundations to begin their own programs at their sites. We are equally motivated when they report back to us of the positive results and growth in their students.

Senita Valley has gained many awards since it’s opening. In 2013, the Arizona Department of Education presented our school with an Excellence in Civic Engagement Award. This award reflects our education of the whole child, recognizing that social responsibility must be fostered in students throughout the school year. Senita Valley has won the prestigious A+ Award from the Arizona Education Foundation in 2014 and 2018. We have also earned an A label from the Department of Education each year regarding our state assessment successes.