About SVE

IMG_1500Our School opened on July 14, 2008.  We have many exciting programs (academic and extra-curricular) for our students.  The culture and history of our school is being formed each day.  Our students practice the Vail ACT Statement and the six pillars of character (respect, responsibilities, fairness caring, trustworthiness, and integrity). This emphasis will encourage each student to be a person of good character.

At Senita Valley, we are committed to providing an excelling academic program, and a nurturing environment.  We want every student to be successful and reach their potential.

School Mission Statement

We are a Valley of Exploration – A Village of Achievers. 

We strive for high student achievement, through excellence in instruction, with the support of an actively involved community. 

To create and embrace an academic environment where learning is exciting, social responsibility is the norm, and friends and partnerships are nurtured for life.

School Moto

“Valley of Exploration, Village of Achievement.”

School Colors

Blue and Green

School Mascot

Our school Mascot, the Mustang, is a symbol of confidence, strength, and limitless possibilities. This is what we envision for our students. We believe that we succeed when students learn. Giving them opportunities to explore, express, and exchange ideas builds their confidence, increases their strength of mind, and sets the foundation for them for future success.


School Spirit Song


Learning and growing, oh yes we’re learning and growing.
Senita Valley so much learning lies in store.
And we’ll discover things we never knew before.
Senita Valley building friendships ever more.
We are the Mustangs brave and strong.
Learning and growing, oh yes we’re learning and growing.
Senita Valley will put us to the test.
And we will promise to always do our best.
Senita Valley we will rise above the rest.
We are the Mustangs brave and strong.
Learning and growing, oh yes we’re learning and growing.
Oh, yes, we’re learning and growing.
Oh, yes we are!
Written by DeLee Brown and Lisa Scott.

School Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement provides guidance and inspiration each day. High Achievement is attained through explicit instruction and exploration, where students are able to discover answers to their questions, find meaning in assignments, and master academic concepts. Excellence in instruction occurs via our high quality staff. They receive continuous support through in-services, collaborative planning time, cognitive, literacy and math coaches, as well as assigned mentor teachers. The involvement and support of our community is evidenced by over 28,000 hours of volunteer time logged since we opened in 2008.

School Organization and Culture

The Vail School District’s ACT Statement is recited by every student, every day. In the Vail Schools, we ACT: Are Respectful and Trustworthy, Care About Each other, and Take Responsibility. We ACT! By reciting this statement, along with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Declaration of Independence, students learn the value of this pledge and how it drives everything we say and do at Senita Valley Elementary. Our ACT statement is our identity. It is who we are. Teachers use it as a tool for classroom management. Students use it as a guide for solving conflict.

Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

Our high scores on district and state wide assessments can be attributed to our structure to ensure all students learn and master Arizona’s College and Career Readiness Standards. Calendared curriculum maps allow for standards to be taught consistently. Assessments, both formal and informal, are given weekly and quarterly. Data analysis at bi-weekly data team meetings drives our instruction. Students are given the opportunity to have additional time, if needed, to master a standard, while those who are already at mastery are given an extension of their learning through Enrichment. Reteach and Enrich happens every single day so that every student is given the opportunity to master the standards.

Active Teaching and Learning:

As educators, we are constantly challenged with making education relevant and engaging. A student excited about learning is more likely to want to come to school and be interested in what is being taught. Motivation is key to keeping our student’s attention. Learning becomes exciting through school wide challenges in core content such as reading and math. All students attend a science lab once a week with a teacher who is dedicated to making science engaging and meaningful, with hands-on experiments. Every student attends Enrichment class in our media center once a week that engages students in an atmosphere of discovery. “Enrichment for All” is the goal of this Exploration time.

Student Focus and Support:

Support in the realm of social/emotional behaviors is attained though utilizing Positive Behavior Supports. We teach students to be “Bucket-Fillers,” based on the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today? (Carol McCloud). Students have their own personal, small bucket in the classroom where staff and students leave positive and encouraging messages. This year, we are a part of the Ben’s Bells Project which empowers students to BE KIND. We have several Ben’s Bells currently going around the campus as evidence of kindness shown. Students and staff are nominated and given the Bells and a certificate of Kindness.

Parent and Community Involvement:

Community members and parents have rallied around our staff and students from day one. Make a Difference Day, where the community members came together along side staff and students to plant trees and flowers to beautify the campus. The Reading Heroes is another program where volunteer community members meet weekly with second grade struggling students to read with them and practice their phonograms. There was an overwhelming positive response to a community town hall meeting, where community members came out one evening to learn more about Arizona’s College and Career Readiness Standards. Every day, volunteers are on campus, lending their support to our belief that education is a community effort.

Indicators of Success:

Senita Valley consistently leads our district with the highest scores on assessments.  Our teachers are often asked to perform in-services for district employees, host visitors from other schools to view our campus structure, culture, and best instructional strategies in practice. Visitors eagerly attend our data team meetings and Reteach/Enrich lessons which enable them to take away the foundations to begin their own programs at their sites. We are equally motivated when they report back to us of the positive results and growth in their students.

In 2013, the Arizona Department of Education presented our school with an Excellence in Civic Engagement Award . We were honored to travel to Phoenix to accept this award from Superintendent John Huppenthal. This award reflects our education of the whole student, recognizing that social responsibility must be fostered in students throughout the school year. Our goal is for students to be actively involved in the community and look for opportunities to be of service to others. Students have conducted canned food drives, collected jeans for teens, collected stuffed animals for sick children, conducted fundraisers for families in need, and participated in a shoe drive to donate shoes to the homeless.