What will the school day look like at SVE?

Please review this page for information about our new safety and wellness procedures for what school will look like when students physically return to the Senita Valley campus. These ideas are subject to change.

  • For at least the first week of in-person school, students will follow our Rainy Day Schedule where students will go directly to classrooms upon arrival.
  • This practice will take place until students are able to play in large groups.
  • There is a potential for a grade level rotation after the first week of school.
  • Parents are highly encouraged to drop their students off at the front gate with the exception of kindergarten (kindergarten parents may walk their student to their classroom).

  • Student desks will be arranged in rows for all classrooms.
  • Social distancing between students will be conducted when possible.

  • For any transitions on campus, all students will walk single file and on the right side of the sidewalk/breezeway.

  • Students will participate in grade level recess and lunch recess as usual.
  • Unlike in years past, students will eat lunch first and then will be able to go outside to play.
  • All students will wash their hands with soap and water before their grade level recess and grade level lunch.
  • Playground structure will be open if and when the City of Tucson playground structures are open.
  • All playground equipment will have regular cleaning on a daily basis.

  • Kinder: Students will eat in the music room; social distancing will be enforced.
  • 1st-5th: No more than two classes per grade level will eat lunch in the MPR; the other one or two classes will eat in their classrooms and purchased lunches will be delivered to the classroom (a rotation will be developed so students are not eating lunch in their classrooms every day).

  • Kinder students will be picked up from classrooms. All other students will be walked out to their designated zones (separated by grade level) where they can be picked up.
  • Students with siblings in lower grades will go to the zone of the sibling with the lowest grade level.
  • Social distancing signs will be displayed to encourage safe distances outside of school gate.

  • Before care is provided by Community Programs while after care is provided by both Community Programs and Kidco.

  • Volunteers will be allowed on a limited basis. Volunteers must be pre-approved with our Volunteer Coordinator, the teacher must be expecting them and have work ready for them, and they must have a facial covering and complete a home health check before arriving.
  • Those just wanting to visit campus will not be permitted during the first quarter.


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